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Located in the prolific Kirkland Lake / Cadillac - Larder Lake Break, Omega is Mistango's Flagship Project with a gold resource of 580,000 ounces. Omega is proximal to Gatling Exploration's Larder Lake Project (~1M ounces) and Orefinders' Kirkland Lake / Cadillac - Larder Lake Break projects (~1.1M ounces), and shares numerous synergies with the aforementioned. Mistango is focused on developing its Omega project. Click here to download the Omega 43-101


Sackville is located in the Aldina township in Thunder Bay. The project consists of numerous high-grade base metal boulders containing gold and silver.  Sampling of these boulders has yielded: 8.80% Zinc, 0.26% Copper, 1.70% Lead, 214 gpt Silver, 3.51 gpt Gold (Stares boulder); 12% Zinc, 0.6% Copper, 4.4% Lead, 359 gpt Silver, 5.52 gpt Gold (Calvert boulder).